nedelja, 13. februar 2011

Tofu Stir-fry Recipe With Red Cabbage

There was small piece of red cabbage laying round in the fridge for quite some time. It was about time to make use of it before it completely collapsed. What to do with it? One quite obvious thing came to my mind: tofu stir fry. The flavour of quickly stirred cabbage is delicious. The decision was made. But what to use along? The tofu off course. And some other vegetables and spices. You really can't go wrong when cooking tofu. If you are messing with tofu for the first time check out some tips how to cook tofu.
Tofu stir fry with red cabbage
Tofu stir fry recipe

So here is how I did it.

Ingredients for tofu stir fry with red cabbage and veggies:
- tofu
- smaller piece of red cabbage, shopped to little squares
- leek, 1 steam, sliced
- 2 onions, sliced
- 3 cloves garlic, chopped
- tamari sauce
- cayenne pepper
- oregano
- coconut oil

The tofu recipe
1. Dry the tofu. I usually quickly press it to remove the water out of it. Prepare and slice all ingredients, tofu and veggies.

2. Heat wok or big pan over high heat. Wait for pan to get really hot and then add cabbage and 1 table spoon of coconut oil. Continuously stir on high heat for 1-2 minutes then add leek and tofu. Stir fry for another minute, add onions and stir for another minute.

3. Reduce heat and stir in garlic, tamari sauce, cayenne pepper and oregano. Let it cook for 1-3 minutes. If you prefer firmer veggies, then 1 minute will do, if you like them softer, then cook for 3 minutes or even more.

That is it. Simple but quite tasty. For even better taste you can marinate tofu with your favourite marinade before cooking. I didn't have the time in this recipe. Or maybe I was just too lazy... or too hungry :)