nedelja, 01. april 2012

3 Simple Methods to Cook the Tofu

The tofu is a very versatile dish and can be used to create many different kinds of delicious cuisines. Here are 3 simple methods to cook tofu that you can try.

1) Deep fry tofu. You should cut the tofu into thin triangles pieces and proceed to put the tofu into the deep fryer until the tofu turns crispy and light brown in color.

2) Hot and Spicy tofu. Add the tofu to chili or hot stew. After the tofu is pressed and drained, it may be crumbled in to pieces. Proceed to add the crumbled tofu to more chili sauce. Cook the mixture for at the very least 20 minutes at medium heat.

3) Stir-fry Tofu. This process is similar to frying other foods such as meats. Stir-fry chunks the firm tofu for 5 minutes. The tofu will be able to absorb all of the flavors of the sauce nicely

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